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The primary objective of the Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers is emphasized in the chapter’s slogan: “Write ~ Publish ~ Sell”.  We’re dedicated to helping our members achieve those three goals and develop their careers as published authors, to reach the highest possible levels of success.

In keeping with that commitment, we introduce the “Build Your Career in a Year” program to assist all chapter members with the necessary “building blocks” to either enhance their current careers as published authors, or to put the necessary “bricks” in place to begin a career as an author.

With an emphasis on craft, and marketing and promotions, our chapter presents outstanding Special Events, our signature Fireside Chats series and the following exceptional programs during our monthly chapter meetings.


Elevating Your Work: The Art of Active Writing and the Key to Showing, Not Telling

Sally J. Smith, USA Today Bestselling Author and Editor

How do stories burst to life for readers? Active writing is crucial for any book, regardless of genre, but how do we consistently craft it? Why does passive writing weaken the plot? What are the keys to an engrossing tale? Join Sally for a publishing industry pro’s tips to writing engaging stories, “showing-not-telling” made simple and seducing your readers’ imaginations for their ultimate reading experience!

Saturday, March 13, 2021 10:30 AM – 12 Noon AZ (12:30 – 2 PM ET)

What is the Why: Building A Backstory for Nuanced Characters and Authentic Conflict

Karen Odden, USA Today Bestselling and Award-winning Author

A riveting character is shaped by a meaningful, substantial past. Developing your character’s backstory takes time, but it pays huge dividends. Backstory provides the quirky, unique elements of personalities that make them come alive on the page, and the events that cause characters trouble—with others and for themselves. Don’t miss this dynamic and essential workshop!

Saturday, April 10, 2021 10:30 AM – 12 Noon AZ (1:30 – 3 PM ET)

Please Note: Chapter meetings will take place via Zoom for the first few months of 2021. We will monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and make plans accordingly after that.

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