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Meet Ed and Patty Wright. After George E. “Ed” Wright graduated from James Madison University, he decided a career that allowed him to use his education and skills, and offered some adventure, sounded perfect for him. Fortunately, he met an equally talented and venturous young woman. Today, Ed and Patricia—or Patty, as she’s known to her friends and fellow writers—have been married for over 40 years. Their adventuresome spirits led them to explore multiple countries.

They had both completed their Bachelor’s degrees and begun their respective careers when fate brought them together. “My husband and I met because I accidentally left my purse on the hood of my car,” Patty explained.

“I didn’t realize I’d lost it until I reached my destination. Then, I remembered hearing a splat. I went back to the place I heard the ‘splat’ and started knocking on doors. After knocking at four houses with no response, I knocked on his door. He opened it.” Ed immediately offered to help Patty search for the missing purse, and after some keen amateur sleuthing, they found the person who’d picked it up. “Forty-two years later we are still together,” she said.

Shortly after meeting Patty, Ed examined his best professional options with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. “I had learned broadcast writing, along with scriptwriting and manuscript writing. I had various jobs in broadcasting after I got out of college, then I realized I needed to have a stable, full-time career,” he explained.

He chose the Navy, excited to use his hard-earned expertise in his new venture. “I enlisted as a Radioman. My Detailer told me that it had to do with radio and news broadcasting. He got me—hook, line, and sinker. I fell for it. I thought I was going to do what I had done in the civilian world after college and work in broadcasting. Boy was I wrong! I ended up in a top-secret job, involving messages. It had nothing to do with broadcasting or news.”

“After twelve years in top-secret work, the Navy gave me a chance to follow my real passion—journalism. I was able to move to a journalist’s job, which was what I was made for. The moral of the story is…research your opportunities. It’s just like writing a book. Research! Research! Research!”

During the final eight years of his military career, “I had the pleasure of writing many articles and stories for newspapers, TV, and radio. The energy and creativity this provided me gave me the incentive to write creatively. I followed military service with a Public Affairs career, working (as a civilian) for the Department of the Navy. After retiring from that role, I began to expand my writing and write about the things that I enjoy doing.”

Patty carved out her own professional path at the same time. “I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Elon University. Most of my career was working for Military Childcare at various bases where my husband was stationed.”

She relishes a range of experiences she had as a Navy wife. “We moved several times during Ed’s military career and after his retirement. We lived in Lynchburg and Virginia Beach, Virginia, Key West, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We also lived in Argentia, Newfoundland in Canada, along with the Washington, D.C. area.” 

“While living in Newfoundland, I took my three young daughters on a nature hike. During the walk, I looked over and saw a mama moose, three feet away staring at me over the brush. Then, I saw three small babies beside her. I picked my girls up one at a time so they could see the mama and her new offspring. When I put my last child down, I looked back at the mama moose. We were two moms taking our kids out for a walk. We respected and understood each other. Looking in each other’s eyes we had a bonding moment.”

Today, Patty and Ed each have multiple writing projects in the works.

“Writing and reading make me happy,” Patty said. She credits an instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, where she took classes several years ago, with sparking her passion for penning stories. “Lori Jakiela was my professor in creative writing classes. Her love of writing, her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge—and her ability to coach, mentor, and encourage others, inspired me to continue writing and to share my work,” she said.

“One particular class, Writing and Healing Arts, was very inspirational to me. I was influenced by many memoirs assigned for class. Educated by Tara Westover, We Are Never Going to Meet in Real Life by Samantha Irby. Heating and Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs by Beth Ann Fennelly. Reading these memoirs, I realized the value of memoirs.  Sharing personal thoughts and life experiences can help and encourage others while providing the enjoyment of reading.”

In the mystery genre, Patty is currently working on ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID NEVER A BRIDE: PORTRAIT FOR MURDER, the first cozy in her Stormy Lake Photo Shop Mysteries. At the same time, she is writing a psychological thriller.

“I am also working on children’s books with the help of my grandchildren. In PIPSQUEAK HIDES HIS NUTS, a young squirrel learns a lesson about why you have to prepare in life.” The second, THE DAY THE EGG WENT TO THE BEACH, helps children overcome the fear of being different from others.  “I have plans to write memoirs, micro memoirs and short stories—along with a future collaboration on a mystery novel with my husband, Ed.”

Ed’s schedule is equally filled with writing projects. “I like to write my mysteries based on my hobbies and interests, and currently I’m writing a murder mystery series that takes place on a cruise ship. The first novel, CRUISING TO DEATH features Baltimore Police Detective, Morgan Steele. After Steele and his partner wrap up an 18-month case chasing—and finally capturing—a serial killer, the detective and his wife leave for a two-week cruise. But, murders are committed on board, after the detective learns the serial killer escaped custody and is hunting Steele and his wife.”

The former Navy man, who also holds an M. S. in Management, draws from all of his experiences for his novels. He has three stand-alone mysteries in the works—the first centers on a murder involving a touring rock band, the second entangles a professional baseball team, and the third features a maniacal magician. “I also plan to collaborate on a mystery with my wife.”

Writing is just one love they share, and family is another. “We have three terrific daughters and sons-in-law and eight wonderful grandchildren,” Patty said.

“We enjoy traveling. My retirement plan includes spending time with our grandchildren, continuing to write, learning to play the guitar, doing crafts, practicing yoga, and playing cards on the back porch.”

In addition to being members of the Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers chapter, Ed and Patty belong to the Guppy Chapter of Sisters in Crime. They enjoy the Pittsburgh Murder Mystery Group and they value the experience they’ve had as members of VetWrite writer’s community, for U.S. veterans. 

Patty and Ed now reside in Evans, GA with their two cats, Olivia and Rayna.

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