Timothy W. Moore – Member Spotlight

Meet Tim Moore. Tim is the co-author of Mirandized Nation: The Inside Story of Ernesto Miranda and the Phoenix Police Department. The gripping account provides a deep dive into the criminal career of Ernesto Miranda and how his 1960s era arrest and conviction led to a Supreme Court decision that forever changed the law enforcement process in the United States.

Offering an intriguing, historical look at police procedures during the 1960s and 1970s, the book was praised by reviewers as “skillfully crafted”, “a page turner”, and “engrossing and enlightening”.

Tim is also the author of three short stories: “Fiery Tempers” published in The Sharpened Quill; “Domestic Consequences” which appeared in SoWest: Killer Nights; and, “The Extraction” in the 2019 award-winning anthology, SoWest: Lady Killers.

A former Phoenix police detective, Tim served in law enforcement for more than three decades. After several years in patrol, he worked in a wide range of detective assignments, from the Property Crimes Bureau to Airport Investigations at Sky Harbor Airport–one of the busiest airports in the country, to the Phoenix PD Violent Crimes Bureau-Homicide Detail. His final assignment was with the Violent Crimes Bureau-Crime Gun Intelligence Squad. He retired in 2016.

A long-time member of Sisters in Crime, Tim has been elected to multiple chapter Boards of Directors. He is a founding member of the Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers chapter, where he is the 2021 Treasurer and the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

His appearances as a guest speaker at multiple conferences and workshops on subjects ranging from crime scene analysis, firearms, and law enforcement consistently garner glowing comments. Tim prides himself in helping other authors “write it right” when it comes to police procedures and has assisted dozens of mystery, thriller and police procedural authors.

Tim also serves on the Boards of Directors of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #2 and the Phoenix Police Museum, where he is the Treasurer. A member of the International Police Association (IPA), the author is a long-standing member of the Arizona Historical Society.
Tim has been married to his wife Laurie, the great woman behind the good man, for thirty-four years, and they have two grown daughters, Jessa and Jarah.

For more information about Tim, check out his website.

Member Spotlight January 2021

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