Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers extends a warm welcome to our family
to the following members who joined in April 2021:

Paula Brierley, Martha “Marty” Knox, Elizabeth Remic Kral, Deborah Lynch,
Jeanne MacKenzie, Penny Manson, Sally J. Smith
and Kari Wainwright


A — C  
Betsy Barker
Paul Brierley
Joyce Ann Brown
Susan Budavari
Robin Burcell
Ann Ciemnoczolowski
Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr*
Erynn Crowley*

D — F

J.P. David

Barbara Desman

Meg Dobson

Christina Estes*

Eva Eldridge

Laurie Fagen

Lisa Fisk

Dianne Freeman

G — I
Veronica Hassenger
Barbara Hinske
Kristin L. Humphreys

J — L

Bonnie L. Kappler

Martha “Marty” Knox

Elizabeth Remic Kral

Dawn Kravagna

Kai L. Kurnik

Nicolette S. Lemmon*

Clark Lohr

M — O
M. Penny Manson
Andrea Markowitz
Merle McCann*
Lena Jo McCoy
Evelyn McGoff-Cirincione
Timothy W. Moore*
Sherry Morris
Margaret Morse
LaDonna Ockinga
Karen M. Odden

P — R

Dennis Palumbo

Michele Peters*

Susan Pohlman

Tina Radcliffe

S — V
Debra Sanders
Linda Shaw
Elena E. Smith
Sally J. Smith
Margaret Ann Spence
Kate Joy Steele
Sharon Sterling

W — Z
Kari Wainwright
Betty Webb

Charter Members

The Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers wish to recognize and thank the Charter Members of the chapter, whose individual contributions in 2020 and 2021 helped to establish the enduring legacy and financial strength of the new chapter:  Merle McCann, Timothy W. Moore, Evelyn McGoff-Cirincione, Christina Estes, Erynn Crowley,  Lena Jo McCoy, Michele Peters, and Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr.

* Founding Members. The seven writers who founded the Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers chapter in 2020 are indicated with an asterisk.

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