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Meet Sherry Morris. Sherry Morris has always loved writing, and she credits a suggestion from her husband for her first foray as an author. “He tore a notice from the newspaper about a local writers conference and encouraged me to attend. I took home third prize in the creative nonfiction contest. That really hooked me,” she said.

Since then, the former substitute teacher and hospital emergency department EMT wrote the popular 20th Century American History Mystery collection, featuring numerous romantic mysteries, and launched another series of whodunits with the debut of Inappropriate, a murder mystery that takes place on a cross country train trip.

The award-winning novelist is enthusiastic about her next project, too. “I’m currently writing the sequel to Inappropriate, the working title is Under Wraps. A relative (of mine) revealed something to me that was so mind-blowing I decided it was a fib, so I’m burdening my characters with it and they’re having a zany run at it. I did the same thing in Million Dollar Momma, and let my muse go places that Sherry never would. In other words, this little cheat not only cleanses my craziness—the books really write themselves. I find I’m just taking dictation.”

In addition to her novels, Sherry pens a popular blog and has been passionate about writing since she was young. “I still have a report about penguins I wrote in elementary school on bright yellow ruled paper. In high school, my term papers got passed around and read by other students. When my big sister was in college, she shared my letters with her roommates.”

Encouraged by the results from her first writers’ conference, she entered a contest sponsored by Harlequin Publishing when they initiated a romantic suspense imprint. “I’m not a romance reader, so I couldn’t understand why my manuscript wasn’t requested,” she explained. “Probably had something to do with my story being set in 1944 and their new line was for contemporary romance.”

Undaunted, Sherry joined the Romance Writers of America. “They were a wonderful organization and taught me so much about writing. The only problem was I didn’t like reading romance. I wanted to write the

books I wanted to read—and those were mysteries. During the pandemic, I joined the national Sisters in Crime organization. I was so excited to connect with writers virtually. Then, I stumbled onto the Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers chapter after attending the (November 2020) Fireside Chat with Barbara Hinske. I enthusiastically joined long-distance and was so surprised to learn it was a brand-new chapter!”Sherry is a member of the Sisters in Crime Grand Canyon Writers Task Force, which combines the Programs, Special Events and Conference Committees; and served on the Nominating Committee for the election of the 2022 Board of Directors.

A self-described “madcap American wife and mother,” Sherry’s life experiences could fuel dozens of storylines. Her career path—before becoming an author—also included positions in administration, sales, health services, insurance claims, and government operations, along with stints as a Kelly Girl, dog-sitter, election precinct chief, and estate executrix. She also served on the Board of Directors for two organizations. “Not bad for a girl who hasn’t finished college,” she said. “I still don’t know what I want to be, if I grow up.”

Sherry and her husband recently moved from Virginia to Florida, with their two rescue dogs—Lady, a yellow Husky-Beagle mix “with one ear up, one floppy” and, Angie, a black Labrador Retriever-Great Pyrenees mix. She loves Disneyworld, gardening and yoga, and is looking forward to more new adventures in the coming months. “I’m eager to make real-life friends and learn about tropical gardening. I can’t wait to plant my first palm tree! My extraordinarily kind, charming, and good-looking kids have degrees, careers, spouses and are flourishing in their own big kooky lives. And, I’m a very excited first-time expectant grandmother.”

“I’m also relishing reacquainting myself with my hunky husband, who for better or worse, has experienced all-access to my zany world since I was seventeen,” she said. “Now with an empty nest, writing hilarious romantic mystery feels oh-so-right. “

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