Volunteer Opportunities

Several volunteer opportunities are available in a wide variety of areas. Below is an explanation of the committees and activities.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. Welcome new members and host membership events.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE. Plan the chapter’s monthly meetings, speakers, and other programs.

COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE. Gather and provide information to members and the public, using social media, website, blog, newsletter and other methods.

MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE.Help develop marketing and promotions strategies for the chapter and the members. 

SPEAKERS BUREAU COMMITTEE. Promote and coordinate the appearances of our chapter members as guest speakers at public and private events.

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE. Plan and host the annual or bi-annual conference, presenting outstanding speakers and topics.

FUTURE COMMITTEES:  If you are interested in one of these committees, please let us know. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE. Create awareness in Arizona and the literary community at large regarding our service projects and activities.   

 SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE. Plan and implement workshops, book signing events, reader appreciation activities, or other events.

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